According to the lady identified as Rachel, her brother was attacked earlier in the week but they found out about it days later when the school demanded money from them for his treatment.

“My sister received a call from the school saying he was taken ill and we were required to send KSh 4,000 for his treatment. Another call informed us that he was worse off and we needed to transfer him to another hospital.

It is said that victims are beaten into silence and the teachers tell them to report the incident to the school captain.

“We sent our brother to go and get him only for us to find out he’d been badly beaten and sodomized by three Form Four and three other boys. We reported to a nearby police station and took him to hospital,” wrote Rachel in a social media post.

And now the victim has revealed what actually took place on his second week into being a student at the school.

“On January 19, 2017, they told me we head to the washrooms where they told me to strip. When I refused, the forcefully removed my clothes and sodomized me. I later went to report the attack to the Deputy Principal but instead of helping me, he sent me to the School Captain,” said the boy.

A crying relative revealed that the attack was so severe that he could not hold in his urine and can not breathe properly at night.

The boy further revealed that all his attackers were house captains- prefects- who were renowned for attacking their fellow students in this manner and threatened their victims if they told on them.

This is a sad situation that needs the intervention of the police, it is our hope that the alleged attackers are brought to justice.