Music has always been food for the soul.This is definitely something that Safaricom got all figured out.

The Launch

Songa, their new app, was launched on Monday, 12 at the Tamarind Tree Hotel. This event was everything musical you can think of as it not only promoted music in a big lit way, but also stimulated up our musical juices.It was marked by Sarakasi dancers who truly depicted the revolution of music. The dancers gave us how music was like from the 1820’s to date. Damn!Music has had a really epic transition.

Celebrities from radio to television to social media crowned the Songa event ,slaying with their flashy fashion. Epitomes of Wangechi, Adelle, Wahu ,J blessing and Timmy Tdat were on their best fashion behaviour for sure.

Performances by our own musical gurus took the  night away.Sauti Sol and Nyashinki’s pool performance had the likes of Patricia Kihoro getting their mojo on. #Yolo was the night’s anthem. Nobody was old, beat ikikam through unasonga tu! However, with the boy child bringing the roof down, Mercy Masika really moved the party people with her music. She was  sunshine in winter.

Nyashisnki gives an electric performance at the Songa by Safaricom launch
Mercy Masika sings her heart out at the Songa by Safaricom launch

About the App

The Songa application majorly dwells with artists promoting their music and see how much they are making with their music depending on their music reach. The app also allows fans to pay according to their ability.Great news is that the app will be free for two weeks as a starter key. Literally, the app is here to benefit the artists and their fans. Artists grow their music career and keep their fans entertained 24/7 with sick dope jamz.

Sylvia Mulinge,Director Consumer Business Unit, Safaricom

This brings a ray of hope in the music industry in Kenya since the artist can now get more motivation and more resources to produce amazing music. Many artists saw it as the niche that was necessary to salvage the Kenyan Music Industry. All and sundry have now the motivation to continue producing music. Safaricom are an umbrella that has this artists covered.

Sauti Sol perform at the Songa by Safaricom launch

The night was just ecstatic all the way to the end. Beat ikikam through tunasonga tu! You can download this really cool app by just dialing *812# or get it from Google Play for Android users.As  for iOS users,you will have to wait till it’s on Apple Store.When you come together, great things happen,huh?

Sarakasi dancers set the stage on fire at the Songa by Safaricom launch

Have you tried the new Songa app? Your thoughts?

By Brianas Njoroge