The millennial era is quickly taking charge and is determined more than any other generation to shape the future in a massive and positive way. St Annes Girls’ young brains are leading the way by tackling some of the sensitive issues that are derailing our society. Here is an article from Sharon about tribalism and its effects in our society.
By Sharon Nyaga (304)
Thanks to the media, we have witnessed and caught the whispers of the evil injustices of t is demon in other countries like Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and South Sudan where it took a firm grip on those communities and turned them against each other. Don’t forget our own country about a decade ago when we acted like strangers, let alone enemies, against each other. Brother turned to foe all because of our native languages. And worst, we shed blood just to satisfy the political ambitions of a chosen few. The question is, what lessons have we learnt from this? Have they changed us? What does the future now hold?
Unfortunately, we have still allowed ourselves to be caught in the bare arms of this demon called tribalism. To make matters worse, our spiritual leaders have also become corrupted and have allowed this demon to thrive amongst us as long as they shake the political hand.
When our late heroes and founding fathers fought for our freedom tirelessly to get us free of the colonial power, they envisioned a united country that would prosper in its own sovereignty. But 50 years later, the narrative is short of impressive but disgusting. Imagine the language barriers that existed within that period yet there was unity among Africans. However, fast forward to 2020, communication barrier isn’t a big challenge anymore yet we aren’t united at all. We still take pride in divisive politics and propaganda. If the forefathers were to wake up today, they would be terribly disappointed in us.
Sharon Nyaga (304)
The society has also largely contributed to this divisiveness for example in marriages. Our parents are also playing a very important role in ensuring that we understand and believe the lie that we cannot get married to individuals from other ethnic communities apart from our own. There is no harm in intermingling. Didn’t Jesus himself mingle with the Gentiles who were thought not to believe in God? Even in the story of the Centurion Servant, didn’t he heal and eat with the so-called sinners? Why don’t we want to follow his footsteps like we are supposed to do? Remember, we are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, if we agree to intermarry internationally and even with different ethnic groups then we will build one strong united republic.
We should not be stuck in these meaningless regional conflicts amongst our countries, quarreling and fighting meaningless wars. Like the Ugandans say, “When you put your in-law in the inner room you cant poke your nose in there.” What our government is failing to do is unite us as a region and as a continent. For us children, we don’t see colour, tribe, religion, male or female until we are forced to believe that we are different from each other. Therefore, a racist and a sexist are nurtured, a terrorist is made and a war lord reigns and then we complain that the world is upside down. When we agree to do the right thing, we will build one nation, united and unshakable like a mountain.