Sailors Gang
Sailors Gang

The “Wamlambez” wave hitmakers, Sailors Gang are having a nightmare start to 2021 after one of their founding members announced quitting the secular group for gospel music. The group initially from conception consisted of three members who went by the name Trio Sailors consisting of Miracle Baby, Qoqos Juma and Lexxy Yung. However around December 2017, the group rebranded to Sailors Gang after Masilver and Shalkido joined the group. The group shook the industry after their hit anthem “Wamlambez” rocked the airwaves across the country and in the diaspora. They followed that with other hits like “Pekejeng”, “Wainame” and “Nyandus” featuring KRG the Don.

However, ever since the group started having issues with their former manager, Mwalimu Rachel, its been a downward spiral for the once promising talents. The nasty fallout between Sailors Gang and Mwalimu Rachel even saw the group open a new Youtube account and fully re-strategize their career moving forward. That has however come with numerous challenges as the group has been struggling to make any prominent hit since then.

Sailors Gang
Mwalimu Rachel

Asif things couldn’t get worse enough, one of their original founding members, Lexxy Yung has decided to quit the group. The young former Sailors Gang member announced on Instagram that he was ditching the group to pursue a career in gospel music.

Lexxy Yung

“Am sorry mabro for this..And it’s with many tears Bana ..tumekuwa pamoja have done alot and achieve alot mih l wish you all best in your journey.Mih nmeamua to take on gospel industry promise sitawainamisha uko?And promise to always have your backs GOSPEL ARTISTS HERE I COME…..”


The young rapper has now put the group in an even tougher situation to an already struggling career, threatening the dissolution of Sailors Gang. Even though the members are yet to comment on the situation, its clear enough that the group are having some behind the scenes problems.

All we can hope for is that the group will find a solution to their already tough situation.