The name Sam Nyamweya is one that is not new to Sports enthusiasts; and more often than not, his name is mentioned for the wrong reasons. There is a Kenyan on Twitter who stated that she wished that FIFA could find some way to ‘slip Sam Nyamweya’s name into this whole scandal’, and it appears that her wish could be granted without involving her breaking a sweat; at least according to a French football marketing executive named Jerome J. Dufourg.

The documentary, titled ‘Soccer For Sale-Sepp Blatter and allegations of Sleaze at FIFA’, alleges that Sam Nyamweya ‘pocketed more than USD 500,000 (which translates to Sh. 48.9m) in development aid funds from FIFA.


Dufourg claims to have documents from November 2011 to April and May 2013 which clearly state that Nyamweya stole the stated amount of money that came from FIFA through Financial Assistant Programme, bonuses from CAF assistant programmes and from the German government as well.

How accurate is this all? It’s impossible to tell; but the investigations into the irregularities at FIFA are only at its beginning stages, the truth shall come to light in due time.

Source: Capital fm website.