The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was finally unveiled to the world earlier this week. It is a phablet (Phone cum Tablet). The Korean manufacturers added on some unique features to the device that makes it a little different to its predecessors.

The 16 Mega Pixel rear camera for instance gives excellent outdoor photo experience and the metallic cover as opposed to plastic is a style many users will prefer.Camera, and available Phone colorsSamsung galaxy note also comes with a 3GB RAM, similar to that of it’ predecessor the Galaxy Note 3 but has an in built 32GB storage option. Unlike the Galaxy S5 however, the Galaxy Note 4 is not water resistant. This, according to the manufacturers is because the device was designed for using productivity features and is targeted towards those who are involved in creative works.

With a 5.7 inch screen which supports Quad resolution of 1440 X 2560 pixels the Galaxy Note 4 is one that will definitely have users enjoy viewing photos and videos through the device.

Samsung_Galaxy_Note_4 tipsThe S pen for the Galaxy Note 4 is far from disappointing. It comes with detachable tip and users can choose between a rubber tip that’s more suitable for gaming and other multimedia related usage or a plastic tip more suitable for writing. It also comes along with a new feature called the Smart Select that allows users to copy a certain portion of any website using the stylus pen and store it online to read later.

The device allows for opening of multiple apps in separate windows which can be resized and dragged around on the screen. The Galaxy Note 4 runs on Android’s v4.4.4 KitKat and is expected to go on sale at a retail price of 54K.

By Kevin Kibera