King Kaka stirred beef with Sauti Sol after he told a local radio station that the group has not done anything for Kenyan music.

A few weeks ago, we updated you on the ongoing beef between King Kaka and Sauti Sol which the former started. It all started when Kaka stated that Sauti Sol have done nothing much for the Kenyan music industry.

Well now it seems that the beef has escalated, and Sauti Sol are not taking the digs from Kaka lying down.

In an interview with local site Mpasho Bien, Savara, Polycarp and Chimano had some select words for the King Kaka Empire CEO.

According the three time Coke Studio participants, signing artistes does not mean you are doing much for the industry.

When asked about what they feel about the King Kaka issue, Bien went on to say.

“Kaka signing another artiste doesn’t do a thing for him (the artist) because he is a lukewarm artiste signing another lukewarm artistes. Timmy Tdat and Avril should sign King Kaka because Tdat is hotter than him on the streets.”

“It doesn’t mean that signing a musician is doing something for the industry. Sauti Sol has come out with Studio Mashinani, a project that we launched for Kenyan youth. We did a tour that employed a hundred people. We have been carrying the industry on our backs for many years. We are not even complaining and we are just doing it for Kenya. We do it because we love it, so that his sorry a** can get a chance at it later in his life.”

Savara then added,

“I think Kaka wants relevance with Sauti Sole, I feel like I’m giving him relevance. I think i have worked too hard and now that I’m talking about him I’m giving him five years of my career. He created a misconception.”

The funniest part of the interview was towards the end, when Chimano jumped in and said that indeed the group is petty and they will keep being petty.

Check out the video below.

Video Source: Mpasho