When Sauti Sol introduced their new record label to us; and did so so brilliantly with Extravaganza, the song that featured all their signees, it was a moment to behold.

We delved into the magical sensation that was Sol Generation, and could not get more of Nviiri, Bensol, Kaskazini and most of all, Crystal Asige; the blind woman with the voice of an angel.

However, it seems for Asige, her glory to be part of the glory that is Sol Generation was short lived. As the only woman in the group, we certainly had much expectations for her; but it seems fate had other plans.

Apparently, according to Bien, a member of Sauti Sol, Asige rubbed shoulders with them, but we are yet to find out what it was that made them have the conflict in the first place.

But shoulders were rubbed, and deals broken. In Bien’s own words about the incidence; he said:

“The dispute was amicably solved and we are glad we worked together for the one year and at least people know Crystal now.”

We hope Crystal Asige will find another deal, and that she never gives up on her voice, despite this.