The friendzone is a dreaded place that most of us have been unfortunately caught up in. You know that one friend of yours who you just cannot seem to get out of your mind? : But you’re not sure if they feel the same about you? Sigh! That is the friendzone right there. But not to worry, you can always find a way to get out.

And trust award winning afro-pop super stars Sauti Sol to take our usual life experiences and transform them into a song, a catchy song for that matter.

The boy band just released a hot new single & full EMOJI (lyric) video FRIENDZONE, written and produced by Sauti Sol.The release is accompanied by a WhatsApp themed, conversation like, Emoji-only (lyric) video.

Now all those emoji posts you have been seeing on their gram make sense.

Speaking about the inspiration for the song, Sauti Sol’s guitarist and producer Polycarp said,

“Emoji texts are the new ‘means’ of communication and more specifically emotions like laughter, lust and love. We wanted to have fun with this concept seeing as the track we had needed visuals which best highlight these emotions as people nowadays communicate them. So we thought it was best to come up with such a video.” said Sauti Sol’s guitarist/producer, Polycarp.

The song has a theme that every man can relate to and every lady can give testimony to. enjoy the video below. Oh and deciphering those emoji’s will be super fun.