First of all, many fans have come out to compare Rewind to this new jam by Sauti Sol featuring Nyashinski. Maybe the fact that Khaligraph (in Rewind) and Nyash are both undeniably the top MCs in Kenya (of course in my opinion) and have done great songs with the best Kenyan boy band, Sauti Sol (again, totally my opinion).

Words By M

Short and Sweet is your typical Sauti Sol love song; but something about their songs keeps getting better, and of course sweeter. The harmony at the beginning of the track reminds me of Kuliko Jana by Sauti Sol, but then it gets better. As per the usual, Bien does the intro with  somewhat reminiscent lyrics of a girl he ingizad box after a struggle. The video is that of an old school setting at a railway station which has the potential of breaking into a dance video.

Side bar: I’m I the only one who thinks the girl who dances next to Bien looks like Fancy Finger’s girlfriend and stylist, Lady Mandy?

As I anticipated, the video breaks to a dance after Bien’s part. Not just any dance- Odi dance! Nyashinksi breaks the dance with some killer lines like, “if you got to much class ,then do like assignments.” I know, right?! Classic.

(Side bar: Does he actually spank the girl in the colourful jumpsuit?)

The camera takes us to the world of Odi dance(so relatable). The dance group harmoniously breaks into a smooth Odi routine to introduce us to Savara at the same familiar railway station. He gets with familiar bedsitter love chronicles lyrics.

“…kabla nizame six inch deep,acha niseti mood na ma-udi na mangoma za Kabaka Daudi

Chimano had to come through with the ending, right? Like any Sauti Sol jam, he sets his base deep for the ladies, with the dance group setting the mood behind him as the norm of the video already.

With these feelings undeniable, I am going to keep it and short and sweet, this is the ultimate Kenyan love song (plus, it allows you breaks to an Odi dance.)