This week, I am going to pit the top Political drama series against each other. On one hand, we have a lady seemingly the most powerful woman in the United States. On the other, there is a ruthless politician who conspires with his wife for power; ultimately willing to do anything it takes to get to the top.

In more than one way, these two shows are very similar. But which is better? Let’s compare them:

feature image scandal HOC


This is the more popular show among the two. Olivia Pope has captured the attention of Kenyan drama fanatics, and ultimately their hearts as well. She is a successful and strong willed lawyer who helped the incumbent president into power by running his election campaign. Olivia also runs a law firm which alone provides a solid plot, and we also get to an insight into the life of a President and the issues he addresses, which include power plays and terrorism. But everything that happens in the series revolves around the love affair between Olivia and the president.

The series has an upper hand though; the series creator, Shonda Rhimes, is known for portraying black females in positions of power. This is very important for the younger female audiences, especially during a time when the need and love for feminism is on the rise. She has done that for Scandal and for the hit 2014 series ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ as well. The addressing of such societal issues is what makes Scandal such a hit among TV audiences



Despite not being as popular as Scandal, House of Cards has an extremely strong following and is one of the highest rated TV shows of all time.

It follows Frank Underwood, the Chief Whip who is infamous throughout congress for his tenacity and his intimidating approach to putting people in line. He helps President Garrett Walker into power, and the President’s betrayal of Frank provides a foundation for the whole series. We get to see Frank and his wife Claire draw a line between their friends and enemies, and then do whatever it takes for them to get into The White House. Do they succeed? Will they end up making more enemies than friends along the way? Will their marriage come out strong in the end?

House of Cards is generally meant for a more mature audience. The Politics is of a more ‘Cut Throat’ nature and the themes addressed include Open Marriages (such as the one between Frank and Claire), affairs within the White House and blatant, outright murder.


I am a devout follower of the two series; both are great. But due to its realistic portrayal of politics the incredible acting and the fact that Frank Underwood is one of the greatest TV characters I have ever seen, House of Cards comes out on top. But I would otherwise give it Scandal due to my love of Mellie Grant, God bless her beautiful soul.

Do you agree?