Last week, the police intercepted a matatu ferrying students after they received reports of suspected misbehabiour. True to the whistles, they discovered that the students were indulging in a drug fuelled orgy which was wrong by all means.

But, capitalising on the incident to make themselves look good, they went on to commit a greater wrong in their handling of the students. One of them, a girl, was stripped naked in the search for evidence and the pictures spread around the net, effectively killing her self esteem, the dregs of it that was left after the indecent search.


Kenyans sided by the girl and it was said that the officer would be charged but we all know that is hearsay. Graver things have been done by the police who walked away scot free afterwards.


According to Tuko, the girl and her lawyer are now petitioning the DPP and Inspector General of police for a compensateion of 5 Million for the ordeal the police took her through. She should be awarded this cash,if anything she should get more than this. Granted, she was in the wrong but she is a minor as opposed to the officer who as a law enforcer should have known better. When they say, protect anf serve, doesn’t that include privacy? Especially a minor’s privacy?

The officer should be charged and the girl to be compensated quick. The double standards should stop!

Joe Black