The number of COVID-19 cases has been on a sharp decline in recent weeks. This has reignited the debate on whether learners should be allowed back in their respective decisions before the end of the year. With the government flip-flopping on an actionable date, parents and students have been left in the dark. However, this may all pass as the Education Ministry intends to give a final decision on the matter.

CS Magoha addressing the press after the stakeholders’ meeting at KICD on Monday 14th September 2020

Education CS George Magoha informed the public that his ministry will announce the reopening strategy on or before the 25th of September. He also advised the public to refrain from listening to speculations and to wait for the government directive. This followed a stakeholders meeting convened by the CS at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development headquarters to get views on the way forward for the sector.

Magoha has for a long time been insistent that schools will reopen in January 2021. However, in recent weeks he has said that may change if the numbers continue to decline and if they come up with a comprehensive plan to prevent infection in schools.


Planning ahead, the Cs has also revealed plans that the government intends to use Kshs. 1.9 Billion to get desks for primary and secondary schools.  The government will also provide learners with re-washable masks once learning resumes.

Once reopened, learning institutions will be required to adhere to the Ministry of Health guidelines. They may be required to convert some spaces in the schools in order to respect the one-meter policy and reduce congestion in classes. Students will also be required to have their masks on throughout.