School Fire
CS Goerge Magoha

Despite the rising fears over a second corona virus wave in the country, Education CS George Magoha has remained assertive that schools won’t be closed again. The recent rise in the number of infections in the country has allayed fears that the government might be forced to close down schools again to control the rumored ‘second wave’ of the virus.

Several schools around the country have reported cases of corona virus among students and even teachers leading to the closure of Star of the Sea Secondary School and Tononoka High School last week. Star of the Sea recorded 4 cases while Tononoka recorded 11 cases. This has sent chills across the country as parents have started raising concerns over the safety of their children in schools. The developments have now even dimmed the efforts by the government to fully reopen schools.

Speaking at Malava Primary School in Kakamega County, Prof Magoha made a firm stand against those parents calling for closure of schools stating that, “We are happy that the three million learners spread across Form Four, Standard Eight and Grade Four since reporting back to school are in good health and nothing major has so far happened that can lead to closure of schools again.”


Despite the CS’s assertion, parents are still left wondering what the plans are for the rest of the students and if they should be worried about the so called “second wave” of the virus that has started manifesting itself.