o-HAPPY-AFRICA-facebookHow many times have you got out of bed with a single thought in your head: “Oh, no, another dull day”? There are so many things that can get you down, little things that spoil your mood for the whole day and make you miserable. Of course, there are also big things that get us down but you know what? It’s our fault that we focus so much on them instead of trying to think more about the positive stuff that every day brings us. Here are ten things to tell yourself when you don’t feel at your best:

1. I’m worth it

Whatever the day has in store for you, some of it will be good, maybe even very good. Whatever it is, remind yourself that you deserve all the good things that come your way, just because you are you.

2. I look good

Say it like you mean it. Take the time to dress in a way that will make you feel confident and attractive in your own eyes. Don’t try to see yourself through the eyes of others, it’s pointless.

3. I’m valuable

Some of us tend to believe that the needs and wants of people around them are more important than theirs. That’s not true. Every person is valuable, and so are you! You may not particularly like yourself on certain days but that doesn’t change things.

4. I can do it

Whatever challenge the day holds for you, you can deal with it and you need reminding yourself this. Remember, there’s more than one way of coping with a situation and you are fully capable of choosing the one that’s right for you.

5. I deserve the best 

No one’s life is perfect but many of us tend to get used to relationships, jobs and so-called friends that make them feel miserable. The way they get used to it is convincing themselves that they can’t do better. But they can.

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6. I’ve got everything I need

No, that doesn’t contradict number 5. Having everything you need is different from having everything you want or deserve. As a rule, we want more than we need, so chances are, if you feel there’s something missing, it’s an unsatisfied desire or want, not something you truly need.

7. Dreams come true and I do believe in my dreams!

It’s a fact. They don’t always come true the moment you think of them, and they don’t always come true exactly in the way you dreamed them, but if you truly, really want to achieve something, you will. That’s a very good thought to start your day.

8. I can wait

Happiness comes to those who wait, though waiting here doesn’t mean sitting idly and waiting for things to happen, it means doing everything in your powers to make these things happen but not overdoing it, because you want to be happy right now and not five minutes later.

9. I’ll survive

Homo sapiens is an adaptable species. Unless we have serious psychological issues, we are capable of surviving everything life throws at us. So, even if today it feels like you have no reason to live, no reason to make even the slightest effort to get out of bed, do it! This tough day will end and another will come.

10. I’m not perfect

None of us is. The sooner you get used to that thought, the sooner you can give up your time and emotion consuming efforts to achieve some imaginary state of perfection, physical or otherwise. Just do your best, hope for the best and be prepared for the worst, that’s a good philosophy.

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