Boniface Mwangi, outspoken activist, is planning something for President Uhuru Kenyatta this coming week.

Mwangi has always been vocal against the Jubilee Government and now he is taking his boldest step yet.

He is planning a match to statehouse on the 1st of December, see the controversial posters below

Boniface has explained in great detail what he hopes to achieve on the material day, read below

On 11th November, 2015, Team Courage started a petition asking the President to declare corruption a national disaster.Eleven days later, in his State of the Nation Address, President Uhuru Kenyatta declared corruption a ‘national security threat’ and urged religious leaders to also proclaim it a sin against God. The President even beseeched Pope Francis, during the latter’s visit to the country a few days later, to pray for him to succeed in his war against corruption.

The time has now come when we must all stand with the President in this fight against corruption – the Fight of Our Generation.
Corruption is a deadly cancer within our society that affects every single one of us.
In response to the eight demands listed in our Petition, the President has:

1. Announced that he will lead a national government-private sector committee to close loopholes exploited by corrupt government officials;

2. Directed that all staff of the Kenya Revenue Authority, the Customs and Immigration departments should undergo vetting by an independent agency;

3. Expressed his support to the Chief Justice to work with the National Council of Administrative Justice to fast-track prosecution of corruption and economic crimes cases and set up a special division of the High Court to hear them; and

4. Directed the Attorney General to quickly enact a whistle-blower protection legislation.

While a good start, there is room for more to be done.

To combat corruption effectively, all State and Senior Public Officers must declare their wealth and undergo public vetting. More importantly, the wealth declarations must be made publicly available. Our Petition has proposed the setting up of a website for this purpose.

More also needs to be done to recover stolen or grabbed public assets. Operationalising the Asset Recovery Agency is an initial step. Our Petition further suggests, as an incentive, for a moratorium that would provide amnesty for suspects returning illegally acquired assets and repatriating stolen funds.
There are a few among us who are consumed by insatiable greed, looting our country and stealing our children’s future. It is up to us, as citizens, to resist them. We must! Patriotism demands that we stand up and reclaim our country.
So, we vow to support the President in this fight, all the way to the finish line. The war against corruption must not be reduced to either a tribal affair, or a CORD vs Jubilee contest. This is one issue where members of all ethnic communities and supporters from across the political divide, should come together and demand zero tolerance on corruption. The President needs our support to fight cartels that continue to fleece the country and have already outlived three presidents. We expect everyone to join in the fight. We propose that Governors, Senators, MPs and MCAs to sign a pledge of commitment in support of the war against graft. We shall hold each one of them accountable.

To this end, we shall assemble at Freedom Corner, inside Uhuru Park, at 10am on 1st December 2015, and proceed on a peaceful march as free citizens of this great nation to State House, Gate A, in support of President Uhuru Kenyatta, who has heeded the citizens’ call and declared war against corruption.

Henceforth, it will become very expensive for anyone to engage in any form of corruption. The fight against corruption is the fight of our generation and we are in the President’s corner on this one. Our call is simple, Mr. President, #KnockOutCorruption.

We are hoping that, this time around, the President is serious about dismantling the corruption cartels in Kenya.

As the young generation, we are best place to change the course of our beloved country Kenya, however what is your feeling on this event? is it too bold? is it justified? Let us know

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