Morena 1

Sometimes make-up is not needed to look striking. Morena the natural beauty looking super gorgeous.

Vivian 2
#Team Vivian

Vivian shows how when you put the right makeup on your face and plaster a great smile, your selfie will just look awesome!

Maryann 3

Color is a depiction of joy, Maryanne’s smile and lipstick complements the floral backdrop

sheekow 4

Simple make-up straight face, Sheekow is just gorgeous

Martha 5

Hues of grey, but Martha pulls it off with a fierce look!

brenda 6

Sometimes looking humble and polite is the best. Brenda gets her “little girl” face and kills it!

kymmat 7

You know your super hot when even a semi smile will do. Kym Mat eyes looking up, great make-up and with a semi smile looking Hot

Jacky 8

We all have a best side. Jacky has mastered her best side and shows it for a super pretty pose!

Lisa 9
#Team Lisa

Lisa with happiness untamed. Nothing quite like sticking out your tongue

mOLLY 10

Mirror Mirror on the wall, doesn’t Molly just looking stunning?


Francis is always on guard, even a selfie moment wont let him keep his guard down

Washington 2

Washington creates an aura of enigma by not looking into the camera. This add to his mystery!!

Ben 5

Double the fun! Ben knows his best asset and advertises it, twice in a go


The boss man Robba. Leaning in to give you another command!

isaac 5

Hmmm?? Isaac with his perfect hair trim and white vest, looking s inquisitive as ever