imagesWhoa! So finally after all the drama involving the release date of 7500, the Action, Horror, and Mystery American supernatural film directed by Takashi Shimuzu (the director of Grudge) was released on September 2, 2014 in Germany theatres. Finally, the fans of the Japanese horror director such as me finally had a reason to smile since I believe close followers of horror movies have been anxiously waiting for the return of Takashi to English language theatre, 7 years after grudge was released. Anyway, enough of that, the horror movie had been previously scheduled to hit the theatres from August 31, 2012 but later on postponed to April 19, 2013 and then to an unspecified date in October 2013.

images (3)7500 represents the flight number of the Vista Pacific Flight boarded by a married couple (Amy Smart and Ryan Kwanten) and their two best friends headed to Tokyo from L.A. However, the 273 passengers on board are far from alone on their 10 hour flight because they soon run into what appears to be a supernatural turbulence in the cabin when flight 7500 comes under attack from unearthly forces. Meanwhile, a flight attendant (Leslie Bibb) contemplates the potential upshots of a complex, clandestine relationship.

images (1)I must admit that the long wait was worth it. Imagine if the movie had been released earlier before the recent story that I’m sure you are all familiar with. The Malaysian Flight 370 that was travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing when it suddenly lost contact with air traffic control, disappeared in mid-air, much to the dismay of the 239 people on board. Don’t you think it would raise worldwide speculation since the events are both similarly mysterious? Ahem, enough said of the movie that I would suggest appropriate for both teens and adults; of course those who do not get nightmares out of scary movies. I give the movie a personal rating of 6.5/10. Grab your copy of the movie and let us know if the movie is scary enough for you or does it look like another generic money grab? Let us know!

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