She is back, sassy singer Vivian. After wowing us with ‘Charm’ featuring Jose Chameleone, she released her video featuring Ragga heartthrob Redsan. The song is called ‘Attention’ and the video has already garnered  6,000 views on Youtube twelve hours after its release.

The song is done in Mainswitch and the video shot by Philip Makanda. Like she’s alwaysb done in her videos, Vivian chose a swimming pool and some beach where she shows off her perfect body which I’m sure has Team Mafisi drooling. Vivian vividly loves waters (I mean the beaches and pools lol). And by the way, when it comes to love songs, she surely got vibes. The only undoing in the video is Redsan’s one location and wardrobe. They clearly didn’t invest in having the lad go places as he only appears in one place, only shifting positions to change the shots. However, nice job Vivian, you got our attention.