If there is one man that has been trending over the past few months for all the wrong reasons then it has to be the KFCB CEO,Ezekiel  Mutua.

As defiant as he seems,Mutua has been on a mission to ensure that all content aired on both Tv and Radio is fit for general viewing with all adult-content receiving airtime only during the watershed period(after 10p.m.)

It is only recently when he warned Maina & King’ang’i and Bi.Msafari of risking arrests for having their adult-oriented shows air out of the watershed periods.

And now next in line are Kiss 100 Breakfast Show presenters Shaffie and Kalekye who were yesterday put on the spotlight for demeaning women on their morning show.

In the post on his Facebook page Mutua said he had heard of claims that went on to term ‘women are whores’. He added that he’ll get audio clips to confirm on the same citing that there can be no circumstances that would justify such generalized and demeaning remarks on women.

I am told Kiss 100 in the morning show today had a discussion that demeaned women with wild claims to the effect that “all women are whores.” I didn’t listen but I have asked for the audio clips to verify. Kenyans on twitter are demanding that we take action. We have free and independent media in Kenya but there can be no context that would justify such generalised and demeaning remarks on women.