Digital platform is for the strong-minded only. For most individuals they are just normal users then there those that are referred to as digital gurus. Digital gurus are those that use social media to generate income and minting empires.

Shaqtheyungin, a student in USIU started from being a facebook party boy to an influencial brand. He has built an empire for himself in the entertainment and media industry. I know you all wondering how Shaq came to become this successful, well this is how.

Being popular on facebook and youtube he had an added advantage so he linked both instagram and facebook accounts. He exploited his facebook and youtube to drive traffic to his then weaker instagram page. Since then he became consistent on all the social media platforms and such an influencial icon.

Being influencial has it’s advantages. Shaq attracted big corporates who wanted their brands promoted through him. He has gained trust that he can deliver his clients’ expectations. Now he is earning from something that started for fun.

Shaq also got calls to host tv shows, interview artists and host events. “Always ensure to give the best out of your brand”, Shaq advices. Shaq is also legit when it comes to his contents and his fans. His unique content and style is what sells.

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