In today’s generation of booty and booby socialites, raunchy hip hop and ragga music videos and hype on social media, the beauty of a lady has been cheapened and made so trivial. It’s become just about boobs and behind…
But even physically, there is so much about a lady than her boobs and behind. Her fingers, her neck, her eyes, her lips, her back, her smile, her tummy, her thighs, her feet, her spine, her legs… so much goes to making the total whole beauty of a lady… A lady does a great job taking care of her whole body, how unfair it is for attention to go to only the ass and breasts…Vera-Sidika
Sexually, a Lady’s sexuality is more than her boobs and behind or even what’s between her legs. Many ladies are under-explored because their man focuses only on the common areas of boobs and behind. Ladies are different, but with various erotic spots of pleasure. A lady is like an oil field rich with never-ending deposits, when she grants the man license to explore, he should take time to explore her deposits, find her hot spots and dig with his tools of fingers, tongue and you know what. Give her pleasure and she’ll give back in return…

Not to downplay physical beauty, which is very important, but a lass’s greatest beauty is inside her. Her grown spirit, her deep mind, her wise intellect, her loving heart. In fact, her inner beauty translates to her total whole physical beauty. Her inner beauty also translates to her sexual nature. Sexy starts in the mind, is analyzed in the heart, spoken through the lips, and then expressed through touch and actions… You could miss out a lot about a lady if you focus on just boobs and behind.


By: Muthoni Wachira.