Muthoni the Drummer Queen has finally unveiled the elevate single from her 12 track album ‘SHE’. This is the last video of the Afro feminist album launch. The song’s art has been perfectly produced by two Swiss producers, Gri and Hook. They have worked together with Muthoni to produce the other 11 songs on the album.

The album combines different musical elements which range from: hip hop, blues, dance hall, retro-soul, future RnB and unique African rhythms.  The album talks a lot about females and how their strive in their daily lives to achieve their end goals. Muthoni has been a champion of female rights and the main purpose of the album is to urge women to do what they do and be fearless in all their endeavors.


Muthoni poses as an example to the women through her works. She is a musician who has broken boundaries not only in Africa but the international scene. The Drummer queen is also the C.E.O and founder of the blankets and wine festival. She gives a picture of struggles and achievements of women from time in memorial.

Muthoni brings out a new message in the song ‘Elevate’. The song is more of a national message and not only focuses on the women in society. The song is set to show a success in the Kenyan music industry. She shows the creativity in the Kenyan music industry and the ability to produce content that can stand out not only in Africa also the international scene.

Muthoni The Drummer Queen’s work aims at personal freedom for her listeners. Muthoni The Drummer queen is not only an icon in Kenya but all around the world with her works bagging awards like: MTV Best New Artist East Africa 2010 AND Best Song, Urban M4, Demo Music Tape Clinic 2014.