The #ShebeshChallenge is upon us. The latest trend is a funny dig at Nairobi Women’s Rep Rachel Shebesh for poorly executing an act of kindness. This past weekend, Rachel’s publicity team released pictures of her seeming to assist a disabled man on the side of the street.

She was blatantly copying the darling Safaricom employee Pauline-who genuinely touched Kenyans’ hearts when attended to a disabled homeless man while on her knees.

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So basically, Kenyans did not buy Shebesh’s move. She was obviously trolled online and brandished a hypocrite. But now the situation has taken a new turn. In what is a display of insensitivity and sheer foolishness, some celebrities have embarked on a social media challenge, mocking Shebesh.

Classic 105 host Nick Odhiambo is one of the celebrties who has decided to make light of the moment and has embarked on the #ShebeshChallenge. So all you have to do is appear disabled, and get someone to kneel next to you as if they are helping you.

This is however very insensitive to disabled people. Why would you think it is okay to pretend to be disabled? Even though it is for a joke, you have to draw the line somewhere.

Nick and the rest of you- not a good move. Next time think before you take a joke too far. Check out some of the photos below.