A KCPE candidate has allegedly committed suicide for not clinching the number one position. The class 8 pupil is from Homa Bay county and he is said to have hanged himself in the school compound. There is an estimated 7 million people living in rural areas that attempt suicide annually

The 15-year-old student has always been leading in exams. This shows his commitment to his studies has never swayed. However, when the schools opened for the second term in late August, he was ranked second out of 26 students in his class. He had scored 372 marks while the one who held number one position had 373 marks out of a possible 500 marks.

Over the weekend, it is alleged that he took a sisal rope around midday. He then went to school and committed suicide in his classroom. It is suspected that he was angered by his performance. The most surprising thing is that no one saw him enter the school compound which would mean he did not use the main gate.

Apparently, before taking his own life, he had scribbled a message on the blackboard using a chalk with the words:”Congratulations to all my teachers who have been teaching me since I joined this school. It is not my fault to bid you goodbye but because of unavoidable circumstances, I’m forced to do so. It is useless to live without peace according to my gradual poor performance. To all candidates, best wishes in your exams. We shall meet again soon. ”

Teachers at his school are also perplexed by the situation because he has been performing well and he had in fact improved from 369 in the last exam before he got 372 marks. The problem, according to speculations, might be emanating from home. Homa Bay OCPD Esau Ochokorodi said police officers are still investigating the incident.

If you are going through challenges, always seek help. If you feel like you are getting depressed, even about your studies and it’s taking a toll on you, always talk to someone. The best person would be an adult you trust.

Source courtesy: The Standard