Open letter from Mr Googz
I have just heard disturbing news from a pastor friend of mine who has been doing counseling in schools. She told me how gospel musicians are, and have, turned the gospel of Jesus into SOKO. let me explain…SOKO is a term used by gospel musicians who hawk CDs from one school to another to sell and perform for money. They do not care about the lives of those vulnerable girls, all they want from them is their money and 99% sleep with them promising them silly favors. Too many cases have been reported from schools and other organizations. Young ministers have gone to an extent of paying for some of their victims to abort. It is a shame.

Mr GoogzAm I perfect myself? NO! Have I made mistakes? Yes… Is that an excuse for me to tell my fans n everyone who is trying to correct me that they should not judge me? A thousand times No! If any case I am submitted to a man of God n a leader n am constantly in touch with him and am accountable to him to help me as a young minister grow and develop into a full grown mature leader who can also now and in the future be able to offer quality leadership to the incoming generations.

Very many girls especially are crying and have rejected the gospel of salvation on the account of so called “gospel musicians” n young pastors. My heart is bleeding. And as a father in music I first of all apologize and ask everyone who is hurting and has been taken advantage of by gospel musicians to forgive us we have failed, and from my heart also urge them to not give up on God because of what has happened to them.

GoogzLastly, for now, my Heart grieves and I pray that the Lord protect and keep you from such uncouth characters in JESUS name!

To Musicians
God may seem to be slow in exposing you as an artist you may think, but the reason why you as an artist you are not exposed, is because God wants you to see his mercy and kindness and repent, otherwise if you don’t soon you will see. Let’s pray

By Mr Googz