This is Ess’ ,Sharon Mundia the famous fashion blogger, wedding that was supposed to go down today was cancelled.

Which triggers so many questions in our heads.

Is it because Mr.This is Ess( Lonina Leteipan) was the Relations Manager of Chase Bank ,of which we all know ‘ilikanyaga chini‘?

Did we miss out on a some ‘mushenee‘ of a fight 🙁 ?

Well I will answer all your questions.


Lol Mr.Mundia is planning a crazy surprise for Sharon and the only way to make it come through is by postponing the wedding.

Well you must be more curious now:).

Don’t you worry we will keep you in the know on what this major surprise is.

It is sad that it won’t happen in due time.

We were all expecting a lovely wedding after the amazingly jaw-dropping proposal on a mountain scenery.