We are all crae… crae… when it comes to shoes, we always wanna walk in a crowd and people be like,”Wooo… what are those?” ringing at the back of their minds. Nowadays if your not slaying your shoe game, brah or sis… you are definitely old school. The shoe trends are changing like so fast, it is becoming difficult to keep up unless you are a fashion die hard. Anyway, newsflash! If these shoes ain’t in your shoe rack, honey you need a snappy 911 because you are out of style.

Nike Zoom Flight Bonafide

Have you seen these shoes? OMG! They will give you a mental break down. They have that Balenciaga look but are a notch higher with a zip at the rear. They come in black, grey and even white for the extra clean guys. They like shake up your mojo if you are the party kind of type.

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Jordan Retro 9

I think like Jordans never go out of style especially for the b-ballers. However the Retro as of now is top of the chain. The sole like gives you a hydraulic feeling as you walk. It is like super dowpey. Since it’s Jordans they obviously have that sporty touch but the shoes my friend, are a fashion 101 turn on.

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Patta X Old School Vans

Vans of the wall and 100% into my shoe rack. Vans are rocking the streets hard, revenge x storm and fear of God have snared people’s heart and are now like so common with so many of our celebrities. However, the Patta X are new and crispy fresh, they are now the unique shoes from Vans if you need to stand out in the Vans fahm.Image result for patta x old school vansNike Tiempo

Nike Tiempo are totally feeling everybody’s tempo. These shoes especially the white ones with a touch of gold, are turning heads when you rock them. They are sparking a lot of attention and are turning out to be really stylish especially when stepping out for a squad hangout. Am not biased or anything but if you wanna rock these shoes, the white ones should totally be bae.

Image result for nike tiempo shoesNike Air Vapourmax plus

Wooo… Nike are really choking us with their shoe game. The Nike Air Vapourmax have become really popular. With these shoe like you don’t have to struggle to get noted, you simply have to walk. They are really noisy but superb. These shoe is totally booming big but it is worth the love. The gum sole lol.

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These shoes should be on your wish list if not on your budget, eeeei