Frequency of Exams in Kenyan High schools

In our first feature we saw how finish school, with their “laxed” regime perform the best in international school worldwide.

The norm for many school per term is 3 exams; opening, mid-term and end-term paper. Other school do however have many more papers on top of these three.

exams-In Pioneer school as well as in Kijabe girls, they have to sit for exams every two weeks from the time school opens to the last day of school. Just like all the others they still sit for the main three papers. “This is a bit too much,” lamented Terry <404> from Kijabe Girls. “I think we should only be sitting one paper at the end of every term,” pointed out Scilastica <404>

Other schools have CATs between the three main papers. School like Pangani Boys have to sit CATs every couple of weeks. The students do not seem to mind it, but they do say that the frequency has to be reduced. They also do not very much like to be compared with other schools. As Ricky <404> explained, “Exams are good as they judge where you are and if they are adequately spaced apart will students be inspired to actually revise. If it is almost every week, even the students will lose the moral to study.”

western Uganda classroomMany other schools only have opening exams, mid-term exams before closing for that brake and the end ot term exams. “I like it that way, perhaps just remove the mid-term exams. But exams are good. They make you see how well you are progressing,” reiterated Madeh <304> Moi Girls Kamagu. “What they should reduce is the amount of homework!” added Grace <304>.

The general feel of many of the Kenyan students is that exams are great. They explained that if it were not for the exams, they would not be able to judge how well they were getting along. For the schools that had a lot more papers to sit for, the students felt that they should be reduced.

The unanimous vote is for at least one set of exams a term, but if the teachers mist, then 2 sets a term, opening and closing.

What do you think?

By Zahra