The issue about parents letting their kids drink at home has raised brows all over. This is after Lebron James stated he lets his kids drink wine in the house. Parenting is a very sensitive matter in today’s society. Lebron being a world wide celebrity should be a role model in issues to do with parenting. He states that he lets his 11 and 14 years old children drink wine with him and his wife. Lebron went ahead to state that his children would start driving this year. great parenting or nah!

Some parents supported the comments saying that it wine was important in digestion and should not be a problem.  Most parents on the internet stated that it is an introduction of children to early alcoholism. So what is the main argument in this topic?

Early alcoholism is an issue that has been witnessed all around the globe. Studies have shown that children introduced to alcoholism earlier than 14 years are likely to become alcoholics in future. This is due to the problem of low brain development. Most alcoholics tend to have started the habit when they were around the age of 15 years and below.


Researchers state that parents should not be drinking in front of their children their children. This acts as the first step in preventing early childhood alcoholism. Another way in which they can prevent early childhood alcoholism is by teaching their children the dangers of alcohol intake and its effects.

Parenting might be different in homes but some healthy methods should be adopted by all parents. Telling children not to drink alcohol is a parenting manner that will save the future generation from the alcoholism epidemic.