Unless you live in a hole in the middle of Lake Victoria then you must have been hit by the BLAZE wave. Sometime last year, Safaricom rolled out a new tariff which it fully dedicated to the youth in Kenya. It held events all across Kenya where young successful entrepreneurs would speak to the youth in attendance. Now recently, Safaricom went ahead to audition for a business reality TV show; BLAZE Be Your Own Boss (BYOB). The show will be airing every Monday night from 8pm on KTN.

The show is a great addition to the local content we have been generating and it shows a new maturity to what we are watching on TV nowadays. Already, the show’s first episode has shown and hey, did the show meet its hype?

We love the fact that it’s purely for the young entrepreneur seeking to start out. We appreciate that in choosing the judges, both genders were considered and all classes of youth are represented.


On the episode, we got to see the contestants in action. This being a first show of its kind, there was general excitement behind it. We were all eager to see what the challenge would be and how they would execute it. However, the production team seems to have missed kindergarten story time. Our contestants were thrown into the first challenge without the “once upon a time” part. Where are they staying? How are they interacting outside the challenge? Who is a fun guy and who is inherently reckless? Who should we at home like and who’s the sly fox in the team? So much left unanswered.

The show did put in effort in trying to generate our tension on it with the heat being turned all the way up. Were we convinced by the planning and execution of the challenge? For the few in the music industry we know what it takes to produce a song and we didn’t feel that a song produced in 48 hours, mastered and everything completed in that time was real enough. Either the production team did a lot, and we mean A LOT, of back channel discussions or these things were in play before the show.

The judges were an interesting collection of personalities. We look forward to seeing how they will be developed. The audience is definitely waiting to find the next Ian Mbugua. We know we are.

We dare not say that we are the authorities on this so we leave it to you guys to tell us what you felt about BYOB first episode. Hit us up on our Facebook page here using the hashtag #BYOBINSYDER and tell us what you think. If you didn’t watch, then you can still do it below.