Most people become artistes for the money and fame, but not Sia, at least in regards to the latter. The singer is known to conceal her identity pretty much everywhere she goes. She seems not thrilled so much with the fame that has come along with her celebrity status, and she shuns the spotlight. Her wigs, bows, and all manner of headgear have become part of the trademark props each time she appears in public. What’s surprising is that even after all that, she still frequently hides her visage and leaves only the mouth uncovered.

Sia wearing a mask

It seems she has taken a new approach to conceal her identity these days… a much more practical one, of course due to covid-19. Sia stepped out in a mask! It wasn’t her norm to be seen roaming the city with her face out there for the paparazzi’s to snap. The fame has always been a lot for her to handle and she made it known worldwide and for 15 years plus, she has learned to keep her face to herself whenever she’s out or the cameras are on. However, just like everyone else, she has turned to the mask which did not stop the paparazzi from recognizing her and snapping a few photos, posing the question- why is she out and about anyway?


So yeah, what is she up to? Stay at home orders are definitely in place in California. Many of her fans can’t help but turn to social media for the answers. By all accounts, the fans can’t find a better understanding of her action or have their questions answered which has left the social media gurus, paparazzi included concluding that she is making new music! We’re are selfishly excited.