We all like privacy in our life; away from the fans, paparazzi and nagging reporters who constantly dig for nothing but dirt, (for celebrities that is). Some celebrities appreciate the fame but others are hardly found in any scandal or something that will buzz around the blogs for weeks.

sia maddie

It’s no surprise that most of us hardly know how Sia looks like; for some years now I have been listening to her songs from She Wolf to Titanium to Chandelier. I always wondered why she didn’t appear in a music video.

But Sia finally decided to give the people what they want, which is her face. Although she hit the carpet at the glitzy Vanity Fair Oscar party with her face obscured by a huge wig and hat as always, she ditched the disguise once she got inside the party.

sia heidi

The “Chandelier” singer has previously said she keeps her face hidden to avoid public criticism and internet haters; also, because she’s “anti-fame” and wants to be a private person. We think she looks great and it’s nice to her smiling, happy and enjoying herself!

We wonder if she’ll keep covering her face for performances like she did at the Grammys or if she’ll decide to treat us to more appearances by her face; hopefully, it’s the latter!

By; Janiana Wangare