Ladies hope your taking notes this guy might be playing with his side, well here are more tips to know how

7.Let him get in touch with you first. He’s the one having the affair, so unfortunately, he has to call the shots. If he wants to get in touch with you, he’ll send you a text or he’ll call you. If you try to call or text him, then you could be putting him in an awkward situation because he may be with his main. This is especially true at night; don’t try to call or text him late at night, or his Main may see your phone message and things could get ugly.side chick 5


8.Always look your best. As a side chick, always be on point. You’re not his girlfriend, and shouldn’t be hanging out with him in sneakers and sweats. If you want to find a guy you can get comfortable with, then you can look for a boyfriend. The fact of the matter is that the guy will expect you to look your best if you’re his side chick. Nobody said it was an easy job.

side chick 6

9.Let him think he’s the only one. You don’t want him to think you get down like this, even if you do. You’re already a side chick; you don’t want him to think you’re seeing other guys, too. But if you are seeing other guys, then so what? You have every right to do what you want; he didn’t put a ring on your finger, did he?side chick 7

Keep your Facebook clean. Don’t let him see lots of pictures of you with a bunch of other guys.

*to be continued*