In this day and age where klandes, and one night stands or being chipod are quite common, you need to know where you stand in a guy’s life. Here are a few tells that he might just be in it for the relationship and not just to hit it and run. My take on Glamour’s insights;

1. He does it your way
your wayWhen a guy does things the way you prefer to have them done, then it could be that he really digs you. This shows that he’s considerate about your preferences and does not want to annoy or upset you.

2. He texts you back in two seconds (and not just for sex)
text backWhen you text him and he does not take three hours to text you back then he was definitely thinking about you. If he only responds quickly when it’s around evening or Friday night and the weekends, then you’re probably he’s booty-call and is just looking for his fimbo to chapa.

3. He’s known to treat you like a lady
GentlemanWhen a guy likes you a lot they do things they normally would not do for other lalles such as opening doors, and walk you from work to your matatu stop, walks with you from school and even drive you to your place without you asking. He will not complain about it when you ask either.

4. He likes you better as is
Love you for youA guy who likes you in your natural element is one who values the person you are and not how you look by his side. I’m not saying that you should look like an ol skool mboch, but even at your simplest of get ups, he should be appreciative of your beauty.

5. He takes one for the team
Girlfriends!Sometimes, you just have to go and meet your girl up, give an ear or advice on her situation and it just happened that you are already on a date with bae. If he’s into you he wouldn’t mind sparing a few minutes of your time together for you to take care of your girl then get right back in to it.

6. He wants to please you in bed….
200274028-001This here’s for grown folks only! What gets you off is what gets him off. Relationships are about pleasing the other more than you want to be pleased yourself. You dig?

7. …and he’s romantic in bed too
RomanticIf he’s in and out and then silence and crickets follow, or worse still, comes the snoring then signs are he already got what he wanted from you. And that, sadly, is just that! If he’s really into you, he will ensure you’re aiit, a little pillow chat.

8. He likes to show you off
Working togetherHe is proud of your achievements, doesn’t matter if they are greater than his. He even helps you develop ideas of expansion or improvements. When you meet his pals, they already know about you and they probably know some not-so-private anecdotes about your relationship.

9. He believes in your dreams
BeliefA guy who’s in to you knows that for you to be happy, then, your goals in life are a big part of that. They will always urge you on, even if it’s just an mpesa shop, by giving you support and ideas on how to expand and help you achieve success in your passion.

10. He makes an ass of himself
FoolIt does not matter whether publicly or in the privacy of just the two of you, but a guy will do almost anything to make you smile. Haven’t you seen those couples where the guy can’t dance to save his life, but coz his mamaa has pulled him out, breaks into uncoordinated bouts of seizures and everyone has a good laugh?

11. He indulges you
Ensures you comfortA guy who goes out of his way to get you comfortable sure as hell, 100% likes you a lot. If he gets you breakfast in bed, or won’t stop looking until you get to a restaurant that serves exactly what you like, that may be a keeper.

12. He DIYs
He CooksIf he cooks for you, sometimes he feels like he could help out with your nail polishing (even though, he can’t, you just let him do it anyway), he cooks a meal for you once in a while or he even tries to create his own type of greeting card, that’s is one guy who can’t help the way he feels about you.

People do differ in how they express themselves. Just because a guy will do one or some of the above does not automatically mean they are the right one. Even when they don’t, it does not mean they are not thinking of you in the serious-relationship-type way. Some people were just raised that way.

By Thomas Rajula