Producer /Director: Kevin Chege

Rehema – Jane Kimiti

Pinchez – Kenneth Kariuki

Francis Ouma, Telvin kimathi-Slum Urchins

Silence, from the title itself your mind is bombarded with a lot of flickering images and ideas. Let me literary traverse with you through this production by Proseed films and Chance Alive. The movie’s script writer chooses Kiswahili and a little bit of sheng because of the setting which is a slum in the city. We are preluded into the film by Rehema and her mom being brutally beaten and chased away from home. Rehema successfully escapes leaving her mother behind who dies after the beating. She then meets Pinchez whom is apparently a street urchin in the wild streets. It is late and Pinchez offers to house her.

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I honestly think the love story between Rehema could be more emphatic and is what is precedent if you give us a male and female main character. A Montage of a spoken word welcomes Rehema to the streets. The movie is not choppy, scenes flow. In the morning Rehema meets the slum dwellers who live under the rule of Pinchez and Wanga. Wanga is a strong character whose presence is noticed from her rotund body. They are not receptive to Rehema’s presence but Pinchez defends her. The movie generally brings out the wilderness of our streets. From prostitution which is even done by the urchins to get food to their empty stomach. They boys in turn sell scrap metal just to get pittance for pay. There is drug abuse also because we see them constantly using shoe gum and even a character named Ras  sells them hard drugs. There are altercations between them for the pittance they get. Typically the hidden life of a ‘Chokora’ is clearly brought out by Kevin Chege.

The death of Gabu is a sad depiction of what mob justice can do to a people. And even one of the main characters passes on. I won’t get into details there since I will be a spoiler to the potential film goers. Their costumes are really necessary towards execution of their plot. The cinematographer did wonderful shots that I concur. Generally Silence is a film that gives you a picture of urchins living in our streets in silence. Kevin Chege has given them a voice. You can watch it on YouTube, go and traverse through this original, social and artistic film.

Watch the trailer below.


By Obigwa Brian

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