Simba is the next big sensation in the Kenyan music industry. He is a hip hop artist in Kenya. Apart from Simba, his real name is Dan Kindiki. Then why the name Simba? He derived the name from a famous film called lion king which in African term, Simba. This is due to the courageous aspect of the Lion which is the ruler of the savanna, so you can guess his personality.

Simba began his music career in 2015 back, his preferred genre being hip hop. He got his major inspiration from artists like J Cole and Kendrick Lamar. The two artists have been known for their lyrical prowess. Their music is mostly known as human music. This is because it touches on human aspect in the lyrics and that is what Simba perfects in his art.


What are the things people do not know about Simba? Simba was in Alliance high school. He never knew he could sing until he recorded his first song. That is a thought he never wants to remember.

Simba states that for the Kenyan industry to grow is for the government to support upcoming talent. Artists who have been in the industry for a long time should also take it upon themselves to mentor the younger artists.

Some of the challenges Simba states in the industry are Kenyans not supporting their own artists and promoters always greedy to get way too much from artists.

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