Kagwe Mungai has the sauce and the juice when it comes to music. He plays about with various genres of music and never misses his steps or gives raw sauce when it comes to his hits. He defines his music as Simply Afro Kagwe. He decides how to do his music when he wakes up. If he feels like dancehall or even RNB he calls the shots when it comes to writing his music.

His Genesis 

I do not know from which part that popped from but let us flow. Kagwe started off officially in 2012 with his mix tape it only gets better. Thanks to the mix tape he got his first major gig which was Blankets and Wine. I personally remember Get Down which was a personal  favorite, do you? It got you in a funky mood.


His Journey

Kagwe first and foremost is educated. Yeah, you read that right. He has two degrees in music.He remembers his major set back which was at a concert where fans really booed him and told him to go home. He never felt so low but it did not stop him from singing. He collaborated with Kansoul on Bass which was a dedix to those chiqs who turned him down before he was a star. He has had so many high moments that he has lost count. He is doing really dowpe right now with his new hit featuring Niniola.

Till the end on I-Tunes
Kagwe and Niniola

His Future

Kagwe will soon be launching an album. He will be doing a couple of more collaborations and singles too. He will also have an album tour really soon. He will create a rebel force that will shake up our music essence. He sees his music future bright.

Kagwe sparks up good vibes while performing

 What you do not know about Kagwe

Kagwe loves cooking, he is a beast in the kitchen. He is also an actor. He has two music degrees, one in music management and the other in music production. He crushes on Huddah Monroe.

Kagwe Mungai is the real deal in music.