Singer Akothee has been on the limelight lately, this time not because of her popular bodysuits but because of the father of her sons, Oyoo and Ojwang’. The controversial singer has been parading the father of her two son, a mzungu whom she claims she is co-parenting with in her bold Instagram captions. In one of the posts, Akothee is seemingly hugging her Mzungu baby daddy as she dares her fans to call the cops on her. An angry fan was quick to throw a comment using the H word directed to the self-proclaimed president of single moms.

Akothee as is the norm was quick to shut the fan up with this epic comeback.

Just in case you are as curious as we are regarding how her boyfriend Nelly Oyaks feels about this, Akothee answered it in the best way she knows how below.

Well, we will just have to stay tuned and keep up with Akothee as she is.