Stop worrying! There is absolutely nothing wrong at all if you haven’t yet been in a relationship. You’re not weird, you’re not unlovable and you don’t need to go and visit a doctor! Many more people than you think, wait for a while, before they enter into a relationship. So don’t be forced into something that you don’t want yet. Wait until you are ready, or until the moment is right, and read these 10 reasons why it’s perfectly fine, if you haven’t been in a relationship yet:


1. So what, if other people are doing it

Whatever your personal reasons for not entering into a relationship, just because you know of other people who have, that doesn’t mean that you have to. Peer pressure can be a strong influence over people, but don’t let that influence you, because if you do, then you probably won’t feel great about yourself afterward.

2. You won’t run out of time

There is no clock ticking and there is no set age by which you must have had your first relationship. The right time, is when the time is right for you and not before.

3. It will be more special

Everyone is different, but most people would probably agree, that if you wait for the right person and the right moment, then that first time will be a whole lot more special and intimate. You only get one first relationship in your life, so why not wait, and make it a great one.

4. Relationships can get in the way

Don’t be fooled by notions of romantic bliss! Relationships can get messy and they can be a huge distraction. If you’re busy at college or you are starting out on a new career, then it might just be more practical not get involved right now, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

5. If it’s for moral or religious reasons, then you should be proud of yourself

Don’t be ashamed if you have stayed out of relationships because of your beliefs. You should be proud of yourself for doing so, because having such a conviction and sticking to it, shows a real strength of character that many people lack.

6. You have more freedom

There are many practical reasons to stay unattached too. Not least of these is that you can please yourself when you are single. There is no one to answer to, no one to have to compromise for; you can just live your life the way that you want to.

7. You have more money of your own

Just think, every penny that you earn today is yours and yours alone, to spend how you wish! Trust us, you don’t get that in a relationship!

8. It doesn’t mean that you are unattractive

Don’t even start to think that the reason that you haven’t been in a relationship is that you are unattractive, or that there is something wrong with you. That’s just peer pressure working its evil spell again, so ignore it, it’s not true.

9. You simply might not be ready yet

You should only enter into a relationship when you feel 100% comfortable with the idea. That time comes at different times for different people and, for some people, it never comes at all. So what?! Do what makes you happy!

10. Stop worrying about it and have some fun

You’ve got plenty of time to experience a relationship, so stop worrying. In the meantime, think about all the heat you’re missing! Arguments, stress, cleaning up after someone else, having to share everything. Remember, all you see of other people’s relationship is what happens in public and what the couple wants you to see.

Stay happy!