Size 8 & Maureen Waititu (left to right)

Size 8 has landed a new job at Rembo tv. The ‘Mateke’ hit maker will be hosting the #MinjiMinji show, season 2 after replacing vlogger Maureen Waititu. The show will start airing on 5th May this year. The show that revolves around motherhood and mental health issues for young mothers is a good platform for a young mum like Size 8. The gospel singer couldn’t be excited enough as she immediately took to social media to let her fans know of her new hustle:

Size 8

“Join me @srembotv on @startimes. What an exciting journey for me to walk with you amazing mom’s here on #Minjiminji reminding you that moms are girls too. #momsaregirlstoo. ”

Rembo Tv also shared a video via social media disclosing Size 8’s new TV host job.

MinjiMinji Season 2 is here fam and it comes with lots of surprises. We welcome our new host @size8reborn starting 5th May. Tell a friend to tell a friend to make a date with us.”

Size 8 delights in the motherhood journey she thus shared her joys and sorrows on the same via social media.


“…it means enduring that tough pregnancy, fighting for our dear lives, just to ensure children are safe, eating well, walking slow to avoid injuries during pregnancy. Drinking all the uji for us to have enough milk ooh my. Hata hiyo weight we shall deal with it later. ”