Today morning there have been numerous blogs reporting that Size 8 and DJ Mo’s marriage in on the rocks. The shocking details were that Size 8 has even moved out of the couple’s matrimonial home.

The story which was published in the Nairobian claims that Size 8 moved out of their matrimonial home three weeks ago with her daughter and they have been staying in an apartment in Runda. The same claims were made by SDE.

Size 8 & DJ Mo

However, Mpasho contacted the singer and have gotten an official statement from her.

“I’m at Kubamba Radio right now for an interview. I left my house in the morning. People will say anything. DJ Mo has never cheated on me and I do love him so much.”


Size 8  said of her husband and her marriage. When asked why she and her hubby have not been posting regularly on their Vlog, this is what she had to say

“I’m sick. I suffer from hypertension. I have been too sick that’s why we have taken a break but we will continue soon once I’m stable.”

Meanwhile, the couple are carrying on with their lives unmoved by the ridiculous rumors.  Size 8 has been posting about her wonderful venture with her daughter Wambo as the brand ambassadors of Softcare Diapers.