It is a trying time for the family of Linet Munyali, more popularly known as Size 8. Her mother, Esther Njeri Munyali, is in need of a kidney transplant; and in support of that, there is an ongoing fundraising that is aimed at raising enough funds to pay for the procedure.

Read more about it on this concise poster.

Size 8 Mum Appeal

I feel that it’s only right that we return the favor to Size 8, having blessed us with beautiful music; we owe it to her to show solidarity in all possible forms. Be kind and show your support to her during this trying time; if you can reach out and help her family in any way possible, that’s an added plus; and keep her and her family in your prayer during this trying time.

Tha Insyder family wishes Mama Munyali the quickest of recoveries.