President Trump might have won the US elections to become the 45th POTUS but he is so far one of the most hated persons in the world. It’s more difficult especially since he came in after Obama, who was a darling to people. Madonna recently said she’d thought of blowing up the White House. Well, the latest show of hatred towards President Trump was by rapper Snoop Dogg who did a mockery video depicting his (Trump’s) assassination. In the video, called “Bad Bad not Good (Lavender)”, Snoop is seen pointing a gun at the president. The video has sent tongues wagging, even raising the eyebrows of the president’s secret service.

The president’s lawyer spoke about the video, arguing that had Snoop done the video during Obama’s era with Obama in Trump’s place in the video, he would be locked up by now. He also said that the rapper should be ashamed. It didn’t end there, President Trump took to twitter to slam the rapper as failing in his career and the response is overwhelming.

Now, rapper T.I really liked Obama. Not only that, but he hates Trump. He has publicly been anti-Trump all along, and when Trump tweeted about Snoop, all hell broke loose. T.I jumped in and his reply is not what you would expect to be directed to a president.