Sauti Sol are arguably the best group in East and Central Africa if not the whole of Africa. The all-boy group has had massive success and the recognition they aregetting out there is quite heartwarming. On a day when one of the group’s members Savara was turning 30, the group got a shock of their lives and a perfect birthday gift for Savara after Snoop Dogg shared a video of them performing ‘Kuliko Jana’ with the Redfourth Choir. Amazing, no?

If we could all live in harmony ???

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First, Snoop doesn’t understand Swahili, and the part of the song “Kuliko Jana’ that he shared doesn’t have any English word. It’s just power of the music. Well, don’t we say music is a universal language? Apparently, the hip hop head saw the video shared by one Dr. Bryant who had gone deep to search for the translation of the lyrics. Snoop reposted the video with the words, “If we could all live in harmony”. However, some Snoop Dogg fans who clearly do not understand the Kenyan education system threw tantrums on why there were only boys in the school (Uppah).

“Ask what ? Why there only boys in this Kenyan Boys School ?? I think i can figure this out by myself. i was just pointing an harmony deficience between boys and girls,” one @Mister_Cece complained. Cece, according to his bio, is french who is also a singer. But you know Kenyans, when it comes to wrestling online and defending their own they take the day. So Kenyans shot back;

“Most of our schools are strictly boys/girls.I went to one we turned out very very fine..and if that is your definition of living in harmony we don’t need it here. We ain’t complaining..apertheid my @#$ @theamyg hii ni jinga ya wapi??nkt” @Iman_fay

@mister_cece please stop the ignorance. We have alot of boy/girls schools only in this country. We also have mixed gender schools. It is nothing to do with gender discrimination that’s just the foundation from school history. Also girls only schools do well as compared to boys only schools educationwise. Tembea Kenya stop the ignorance ?,” @tresinvisible.

Sauti Sol have reposted and reciprocated the love. Congratulations to Sauti Sol for making us proud.