The sun, and going by the weather, you need to be careful about what you wear. Please don’t confuse swag with stupidity. Yes, both words begin with an “s”, but some of you just take it too far — like Rongai far. Much love for the diaspora though.
So what do we have?
[tab title=”Lace Dress”]
skater lace dress
This is a total must have as it comes with diverse styles. You can have the lace on chiffon. This is mostly for those who adore colours since they are bold enough.
We also have lace on Ankara. Now this one is just meant for the African tribal lover, if that makes any sense. Either way, you still understand it, don’t you?
Again there is the full lace, not only black but various colours. This is for the playful kind and the most daring.
What do you pair them up with?
Try brogues/vintage shoes, converse/vans, doll shoes or even heels. It basically depends on your personality.

[tab title=”Crewneck Sweatshirts”]

These are unisex. Most have face prints, tribal prints and/or silly words just to make that statement get out there. You can also try the tartan tie with it but this is not highly advised as it will wear off your sweatshirt.
For ladies, well, we have various types like the crop sweats or basically those that you have taken from your beau.
How to wear them: you can put on the full sweats with sweat pants, denim pants, or statement pants for the edgy look.
For the girly girl, try the cropped sweats with A-Line skirts.
Dudes don’t have to struggle. Just pair them with all pants plus shorts and shoes of your choice. Keep it true and real (trill).

[tab title=”The Tomboy Look”]

Don’t blame her for her personality. She is considered fierce and outspoken. Basically, she isn’t worried about nothing. Not that I’m saying the girly girl is a scared cat, but she is close to that — no offence. She is probably the girl your boy hangs out with most of the time and you get jealous when you see her around him and also when he complements her dressing. Not that he loves her, but because she is a better fashion ‘killa’ than you are (“Her pistol go, bang bang, boom boom, pow pow” #A$apRocky).

This is one of the simplest looks. Simply take any pants from again the denim, to shorts (Pyrex), statement pants, galaxy print and stripes as this enhances your body size.
Horizontal stripes for the slim and the vertical stripes for the curvy lass. They must be high waisted pants if you want your rear to stand out (this is meant for the girly girl who wants to cross over to the tomboy side, because tomboys don’t care about how tight the pants are as they prefer baggy clothes).
The tops also have to be loose; varying from vests to crop tops. Try a basketball jersey too.
If it’s not too hot, wear a beanie, better known as a ‘marvin’. A snapback or bucket hat can work as well. Accessorise with chunky chains, leather wrist bands or any item of your choice.
You can likewise have a tartan tie (tying a plaid shirt on your waist) or the bandanna tuck, which is really chick, and possibly the denim overall — it’s cool for both sexes.

[tab title=”Nail Polish Do It Yourself (DIY)”]
This is the easiest thing one can do. Just take a plain colour, for example white, get a nail marker and create your stripes.
Again, apply the white polish. With the black nail marker or that of any colour of your preference, draw a wavy line then draw a dot on the curve of the “s”.