At some point in life we all need privacy to do our things in a more personal way. It’s not always about doing things in public, it gets monotonous and freaking boring.
We all have a photogenic side in us, taking selfies, poolies and groundies with our buddies. Thanks to our advanced technology where we have high quality cameras and smartphones. It’s always an advantage to have these cool things.
Even Obama takes selfies with the high and prime leaders. Who wouldn’t want a selfie with Obama? It’s more of a necessary evil.

Pictures speak more than a thousand words, but some pictures are never to be spoken of.

Imagine if Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine posted all your photos and videos on your wall. The world comes tumbling down. Especially all the pics you’ve sent to someone privately!

Some people share pictures that they wouldn’t want the world to expose like that “picture” during “those chats” or that ‘flawless’ picture when you wake up without make up or the bathroom selfie of how your “growing”.

Horrifying as they sound many people would go MIA due to the humiliation and embarrassment they would feel. People would start blocking their crushes, unfriending their mothers (awkward) and deleting their accounts as they claim “someone hacked into my account”.

Truly karma is a beast….hehehe nothing more like sweet revenge in its own setting. To all those haters among haters, revenge would be equally embarrassing.
If you thought life is unfair just wait till social media goes behind your back and stabs you as you watch. Ouch! What a painful comeback.

Let’s keep our heads calm and think of the fame we gained in less than a second. Huddah Monroe would be nothing, she would have encouraged many youth that nude is good. I assume you’re thick headed if you follow that advice.
As random as this picture thing happened, think of all the excuses about that embarrassing mistake social media would inflict on your life.

Story by Janiana Wangari (intern)

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