So you are not ready for sex, but your dude keeps nagging you, he wants to gerrit.

Here are some easy quick one-liners (for the Gals, mostly) to get out of sex with someone who won’t shut up… that nagging boyfie. Of course, most times, they don’t deserve or need a reason, and if they insist, you should probably call the police, or at least get one of your friends or call your mama to punch them in the face…black-woman-with-an-attitude

1. I’m on my period, no dude wants to gerrit at that time of the month.

2. I have a yeast infection (sick).  It is contagious by the way.

3. We don’t have any condoms or better still I forgot to take my last birth control pill. No dude wants the serious  disease called K.I.Ds… lol  (Read C – Word)

4. No thanks, you smell like sh**, he will shamefully walk away, or so I believe.

5. We should get tested for S.T.Ds first… show that you care about “us”. Most dudes don’t have time for that.

6. Get an instant diarrhoea , and run to the washroom and fake the” sounds”.

7. “Let me give you a B**w J*b first…” (and then bite off his di**… and then run, and run and run fast enough while screaming, especially if you are in danger…)

8. Wear a panty that is oversize or better still a torn one… ni shuksha.

9. Always be in a biker… a tight one, the (dudes) don’t like all the hustle involved in undressing you.

10. NO! This is the best one. Be firm enough about it. Let your NO be NO. This will always work, especially if your boyfie is a real gentleman. No man will force you into having sex, or even rush you into it.

By Charles