Kenya’s national football team Harambee Stars took on Uganda cranes on Thursday and the result was a goal-draw.The two teams are known to be great rivals, something we owe to the majirani rivalry. We always seem to be in loggerheads with Uganda. Who drinks much, who has beautiful women, music, migingo and when it comes to football, Kenya has always supported whoever plays against Uganda and vice versa. It’s some crazy rivalry, I tell you. There are other rivalries in the world over, and when these teams meet (countries, football clubs et al), it’s not just an on-pitch thingie. Even the fans take part. Let’s look at a few examples;

1. Argentina Brazil.

Don’t be fooled by Neimer-Messi friendship in Barca. These two countries will never see eye to eye when it comes to football. And at any given generation, they have great players who are dominating the world stage. Hebu look at that barca duo for instance. Well, the two legends, Diego Maradona and Pele. The two are always exchanging words, on who is great between the current stars. But before then, they differed on the pitch, and whenever these two countries meet, tempers rise and everything in both countries comes to a standstill.

2. Barcelona and Real Madrid.

The Catalans and the Galacticos, that’s how they’re known. Real Madrid is one of the richest clubs in the world. The Spanish giants can pour money on a player and never go broke, ands were the football kings for ages till barcelona happened. The catalans come from the marginalized town of Catalonia. They have been a traditional club that reared its own players and posed a great competitor to the Madrid kings. However, they have too started splashing cash in pursuit of top football talent, like we’ve seen in Suarez and Suarez buys. Whenever these two meet (El Classico), it’s more of a fight than a football match. Blood, sweat and Red cards.

3. England and France.

This is another football rivalry that goes way long time ago. These two countries have always had bad blood between them, and they’ve always produced world calss talents. Remember kina David Becks and Zinedine Zidane? Whenever they meet, it’s a mouth-watering clash. It so happened that Arsenal recruited most of French players under Wenger while Manchester United under Fergie recruited mostly English players. Maybe, the rivalry between Man U and Arsenal might have spilled over, or vice versa.

4. Man and Arsenal.

Kuna time these two teams were badass. Yaani if the two were to meet in a week’s time, the game’s fever caught the whole world for a whole week before the game, and then the talk about the game went on for another whole week. “Wee, did you see ile chobo…… referee ali…….“. This is so far the most psyched up football rivalry. Even other teams’ fans take sides in this, depending on how one hates the other team.

5. Simba and Yanga.

Well, these two teams are real fun, till date. It’s a game that brings our neighbours Tanzania to a standstill, and si kaka brazas can have their tempers flare. It’s an emotional fight, and when one teams wins the other must decry of poor officiating. Even celebrities are known to put public their allegiance to any of these teams and in most cases, Simba beats Yanga.

6. Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards.

When these two meet, Nairobi’s CBD is decorated in Green and Blue. I mean, green from the K’ Ogallo fans and blue from the Ingwe fans. Just like our neighbours Tanzania, it also is the talk of town. However, the intensity of this game has gone down in the recent past, but the rivalry still remains, we all wait for a ‘mashemeji derby’. What’s worse, there’s always vandalism and sometimes fights break up in the pitch. Just take a look closely on those days these two are playing, many people will avoid going to town or even using the roads leading to the venue, why?