Dance and song go together as bread and butter and mix admirably.Some songs cannot be separated from the dance because that is what makes them iconic and popular.Many artists have mastered the art quite well.When some songs are played on air you feel electrified just to get down even without knowing the lyrics,the dance has you hooked to have an amazing night.Well since time immemorial we have had some songs that have become known to us because of the dance and through that have become a hit from radio, to the streets, to the screens and for some of us to the bathroom.Some emblems to this chronicle of truth are;

  1. KDF Dance:Timeless Noel,Hype Ochi and Jabidii

Kula neno….(Kedathi kenene fiu)anthem has caused internet buzz.The song  by Timeless Noel,Jabidii and Hype Ochi has not only increased KDF sales but has also popularised the cake to celebrities like Betty Kyalo, who had no clue about the hustlers everyday meal which is now an international meal.The dance that has its dancers eating KDF and having a great time has surely made the song famous to all and sundry.Every time its played and your having a KDF you get your mojo incorporating the meal.

2.Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae):Silento

The termed “white man dance” by silento truly proved the white man got “jush” and is not raw sauce when it comes to the dance floor.The song accompanied by the dance became a hit too many as countless people uploaded videos of themselves whipping and nae nae.The song was a tribute to various dance styles and incorporated white folk old and young.The hit was so great that even  Hillary Clinton did the dance on the Ellen show.The song is a great anthem for white or black,young and old to just break off into nae nae.

3.Azonto:Fuse ODG Ft Tiffany

The hit became a mega hit and global when Chris Brown included it in his choreography,giving credit to the power of African dances.The dance originates from a traditional dance (kplango)associated with coastal towns in Ghana such as Chorkor,James Town,La,Teshie,Nungua and Tema in greater Accra region. The dance took over the dance floor when Fuse ODG and Tiffany released their mega hit song.The dance has a lot of leg movement that looks like Micheal Jackson’s moon walk.

4.Odi Dance:Timeless Noel,Hype Ochi and Jabidii

The ghetto dance that involves hilarious small jurking moves easy to emulate has created a great social media uproar having mzungus dancing to the ghetto vibe on you tube.Justin Bradford ,the mzungu completely missed essence of the dance but still had a good time.Jeff Koinange,Jalang’o ,Dr Ofwenke and Prof Hamo have also busted on the odi dance.

By Brianas Njoroge